Oita Wagyu Campaign

Share your experience of ”deliciousness, beauty, and passion” about Oita Wagyu by posting photos on Instagram

Campaign Summary

“Oita Wagyu White Curry” will be given away to winners
chosen from users who checked in at the subjected
restaurant and posted photos and videos of
Oita Wagyu on Instagram with #oitawagyu.

Campaign Period

Tuesday, 1 October 2019 – Thursday, 31 October 2019 (Japan time)


• You must be 20 years old or older.

• You must hold an Instagram account open to public.

• You must take a photo or a video of Oita Wagyu at the designated restaurants,
post it on Instagram with hashtag #oitawagyu and check-in information.

• You must read, understand, and agree with the terms and conditions.

How to Apply

  • Take photos or videos of
    Oita Wagyu at the designated restaurants.

  • Add hashtag #oitawagyu and
    check-in information
    at the restaurant and post it on your Instagram.

Restaurant Map Near Oita Station

  • Nikunokura Yakiniku Ginzantei 15 minutes walk from Oita Station 2-6-16,Miyakomachi, Oita Shi,Oita Ken,870-0034 TEL: 097-534-4129
  • Kappou Dining Sajikiza 15 minutes walk from Oita Station 2-6-13,Hinomaru Bld.1F,Miyakomachi, Oita Shi,Oita Ken,870-0034 TEL: 097-538-5558
  • Bungo Steak Somuri Oitaten 10 minutes walk from Oita Station 157 Ikkei Bld.1kai, Chuomachi, Oita Shi, Oita Ken, 870-0035 TEL: 097-574-8506
  • Cheobasan no Bikkurihorumonya chuomachiten 10 minutes walk from Oita Station 2-8-23,Chuomachi, Oita Shi,Oita Ken,870-0035 TEL: 097-513-1129
  • Sushizen 10 minutes walk from Oita Station 2-6-20,Chuomachi, Oita Shi,Oita Ken,870-0035 TEL: 097-533-4400
  • Oita Wagyu Dining IMAGIN 5 minutes walk from Oita Station OitaOpa4F, 1-2-17, Chuomachi, Oita Shi, Oita Ken, 870-0035 TEL: 097-532-2915
  • Onikushouan Harubina 20 minutes walk from Oita Station 2-36,Minamikasugamachi Oita Shi,Oita Ken,870-0815 TEL: 097-573-6881
  • Rembrandt Hotel Oita Teppanyaki Sazanka 12 minutes walk from Oita Station 14F,9-20,Tamuromachi, Oita Shi,Oita Ken,870-0816 TEL: 097-545-1115
  • Ariran Bettei Oitaekinanten 2 minutes walk from Oita Station 1-3-1,Akurosupuraza1F,Higashiomichi, Oita Shi,Oita Ken,870-0823 TEL: 097-529-6679

*There are more restaurants and shops where you can eat and buy Oita Wagyu besides the ones listed on the map.


”Oita Wagyu White Curry” will be given to
100 people who showed a display of
the Instagram post at the designated
place as written below on
a first-come-first served basis.

(*The campaign will end when the number of the rewards reaches its maximum.)

  • Places to Receive Rewards

    1. Oita Airport Information Desk (1F Arrival Lobby)

    When: 6:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. on 1 October – 31 October, 2019
    Address: Shimobaru, Aki Town, Kunisaki City, Oita Prefecture MAP

    Official Website: https://www.oita-airport.jp/en/

  • 2.JTB Corp. Oita Branch (JTB Bldg. 2F)

    When: 9:30 a.m. – 17:30 p.m. on 1 October, 21 – 31 October, 2019 (weekdays only)
    Address: 1-1-17 Kanaikemachi, Oita City, Oita Prefecture MAP

  • 3.Oita Wagyu Booth at No side Café & Bar (Beside JTB Oita Branch)

    When: 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. on 2nd, 5th, 9th, 19th and 20th, 2019
    Address: 1-1-1 Kanaikemachi, Oita City, Oita Prefecture (Beside JTB Oita Branch) MAP

Instagram Posts of Applicants

*Source: Cited from Instagram posts with #oitawagyu

Terms and Conditions

  • • You must be 20 years old or older.
  • • The campaign will end when the number of the rewards reaches its maximum of 100.
  • • Any deleted post is considered as invalid entry.
  • • Posts from single user with multiple accounts, or posts from multiple accounts using the same photos, are disqualified from this campaign.
  • • Posts without hashtag “#oitawagyu” are considered disqualified.
  • • Posts without location information from the listed restaurants, are considered disqualified.
  • • Private Instagram accounts with limited visibility privacy settings are considered disqualified.
  • • Entries from accounts owned by company or organization are considered disqualified. Please participate in this campaign using your individual account.
  • • Applicants should pay for the internet or connection fee, if there is any, when participate the campaign.
  • • We are not responsible for any delayed post caused by internet or SNS troubles.
  • • Do not post inappropriate contents as written below. The campaign organizer may, at its sole discretion, disqualify your entry.

    • Anything which is contrary to public order or morality

    • Any trading or equivalent actions, or promotions of any website or address

    • Any interferents, or defamations to the campaign organizer

    • Any contents that does not related to our theme

    • Any contents that might collide with license/right for any character/artist etc.

    • Any contents that might invade privacy or injure reputation for any individual, company or organization

    • Any contents that might collide with any copyright or portrait right

    • Any contents that are considered not appropriate by the campaign organizer

  • • Terms and conditions by the social network applied when using social network
  • • This campaign and prizes can be subject to change or cancelation without notice in advance. In that case, announcement will be made through official website and partner media.
  • • Post contents (including photos and account name) might be used in official websites, campaign promotions, campaigns or events organized by partner companies. The campaign organizer may, at its sole discretion, edit, post, print, broadcast or distribute etc. in any form. Notification will not be given to the campaign applicant. This action does not affect the campaign result.
  • • By participating in this campaign, the campaign applicant and the content creator disclaim any right (including copy right and portrait right) related to the content.
  • <About Rewards>

  • • Rewards will be given only at the designated places.
  • <Disclaimer>

  • • The campaign organizer conducts this campaign with its best effort to prevent any privacy leakage. However, the authority disclaims all liability or responsibility regarding privacy leakage caused by any third-party misconduct.
  • • The campaign organizer is not responsible for any damage caused by the usage of this campaign website to the user or any third parties. The authority has the right to block account or take any necessary actions if any actions done is regarded as a rule violation by our judgement.
  • <Compensation liability>

  • • The campaign organizer disclaims any responsibility for possible loss related to conflict within the user and any third parties during any activities related to this campaign. Conflicts should be solved by the user with his/her own expenses and responsibility. The campaign organizer is considered free from any compensation responsibility.