PR Video: Oita Wagyu Concerto—The theme is “Sizzling Sensation.”

This PR video expresses a “sizzling sensation” through 100 shots of dinner preparations featuring Wagyu beef and Oita landscapes. The video’s background music is Passepied, the fourth movement of Suite bergamasque by Claude Debussy, whose centennial death anniversary was celebrated in 2018. A hundred different sounds that help give you a sizzling sensation are sprinkled throughout this mellow music. Please check out the delicious-looking Oita Wagyu beef in this video, which was produced with a focus on 100 years of Oita Wagyu’s history.

Japanese Wagyu official logo—proof of authentic Japanese Wagyu beef

The official logo for world-renowned Japanese Wagyu beef was established in 2007 to officially promote Japanese Wagyu beef to the world. Our hope is that people all over the world enjoy the deliciousness of authentic Japanese Wagyu beef. This logo is proof of authentic Wagyu beef from Japan.

Japanese Black beef production process

First, most breeders of Japanese Black cattle artificially inseminate their cows with semen from proven sires to produce calves. After the calves are raised for about nine months, they are sent to livestock markets and purchased by farmers for fattening. The calves are fattened for about 20 months and then sent to livestock markets or meat processing plants. The cattle arriving at meat processing plants are processed for beef. Only beef that passes a BSE test and various meat hygiene tests can be distributed for sale. Beef fit for human consumption, which is then purchased by wholesalers, retailers or the like, finally arrives at your table.